Center of Excellence in Infectious Disease Modeling


The modeling of infectious diseases is a tool which has been used to study the mechanisms by which diseases spread, to predict the future course of an outbreak and to evaluate strategies to control an epidemic. The models associated to infectious disease is of nonlinear in nature and there the best way to analyze such infectious disease the best way is to formulate it in terms of mathematics. The mathematical models formulated for an infectious disease provide useful information about the disease spread and control. Focus will be given to formulate mathematical models for an infectious disease of KP and across the country with the available real data to best highlight the real picture of the disease across the country with best optimal control strategies for the disease elimination.

To become a leading center of mathematical Biology in the region.

The mission of this CoE is to study the dynamical problems associated to infectious disease and especially focus will be given to our formulate the infectious diseases in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and over all the country for which the country spending a lot of funds to control its infection. Mathematical models formulated for the infectious diseases in the region will with the available data will be utilized and useful optimal control strategies will be suggested for the disease elimination in the country and especially in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The obtained results will be published in prestigious journals of high rank.