Center of Excellence in Computer Science


The Center of Excellence in Computer Science (COE-CS) has been set up at the Department of Computer Science, City University of Science and Information Technology, Pakistan. This program is part of the development of the socio-economic status of Pakistan through Science and technology. The Center of Excellence in Computer Science is built on the achievements and experience of the research groups under the umbrella of COE-CS in the Department of Computer Science

Expertise in the field of Computational intelligence/Machine learning, including fuzzy logic, neural networks, algorithm analysis, wireless sensor networks, cloud/mobile computing
Technically sound with expertise in databases, programming, networking and communication
Demonstrated the ability to work in team
Successfully completed projects to help community by solving real world problems
Good communication skills and interaction with industry partners

To develop the Center towards an internationally recognized research body.
To support Institute-industry collaboration with domestic and international companies
To form Industrial Advisory Group (IAG) to bridge the gap between academics and industry
To perform joint research projects with other recognized institutes, form network of researchers and exchange visits
To create research environment by providing opportunities by guiding research students for Bachelors, Masters and PhDs
To encourage students to perform industry sponsored projects with the guidance from industry mentors and senior faculty members from university
To collaborate with other Center of Excellence at an Institute level
To develop commercial products through special interest groups and submitting it to ORIC for commercialization

Head of Center