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The very basic purpose of CDC is to help and support the current and former students to make effective and fruitful career choices. It offers a platform to the students in such a way that they are not only getting the awareness of the market requirements but also they are connected to the network of professionals so that they can prepare themselves for the same. On the other side CDC helps the students in getting the apprenticeships and training opportunities as well. As City University strongly believes in capacity building of the students in such a way that they become the employers themselves, there is the establishment of Incubation center as well where startups of the city unearth students are supported and guided for development and success.
In order to achieve the above mentioned goals, at CDC, in addition to the Incubation Centre several other sections are also established under different titles and scopes including student support section, student counseling and wellness section, Internship Placement and Alumni Section and Industry Liaison Section.

— Career Development Center, CUSIT

Our Approach

o Continuous assessment of students on real time basis and developing their IT based performance dash board.
o Developing Mentoring and Counseling Plans for the Academically Deficient Students (ADS) jointly with the Departmental Counselors and reporting their progress to the HoD on 3 weekly bases.
o Collecting/compiling and dissemination of performance reports of students/ADS and placing it before the review meeting after every third week in the committee represented by Departmental Counselors, SSO, Coordinator CDC, Registrar and Chaired by the VC.
o Where required additional coaching, counseling and mentoring of the ADS will be arranged
o The semester report of the CDC will be prepared by SCWO after the end of semester and shared at the website/FB

o To develop the training needs of the students for their job placements and arranging customized courses, programs for their career development
o Exploring opportunities for the students for their internship and placements
o Connecting with various job providers/employers, executing MoUs with such organization and ensuring maximum internships and placements of students.

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Abdul Haq

Director Career Development Center